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Mayan mask is found in Guatemalan Jungle

February 5, 2010

By: Ligia María

Translated from Spanish; original version below.

Valencia, Spain. January 26th, 2010. A team of Spanish investigators found a decorated Mayan mask in Guatemalan jungle from year between 300 and 600 after Christ.

Versión original en Español, abajo

The investigators indicated that the mask was hidden for centuries under large vegetation that covers the archeological ruins of Chilonché, north of Guatemala.

The investigators are still in Guatemala working on a project supported by Ministry of Culture and Science of Spain.

The mask could belong chronologically to a previous epoch compared with the architecture found in this Mayan settlement, said Gaspar Muñoz Cosme, from the department of architectural composition.

“This is important because it gives us important scientific dates to know better the architecture of the place and of the ancient Mayan habitants, said Muñoz.

It is a big mask approximately 2.8 by 3 meters wide and 1.50 meters height. The mask is very well preserved.

The investigators from Valencia were examining  the antiques Mayan edifications of archeologist place of Chilonché when they found the mask about few months ago.

“The mask was in one of the tunnels built by robbers. The robbers sold the objects on the black market. The mask still has some of its originals colors.

The information that the mask has given is amazing. It is needed to wait the results for the laboratory for to know with more precision its age.

The investigators are eager to find a second mask because they are constructed in a symmetric way, said finally Gaspar Muñoz.


Spanish version. Versión en Español.


Valencia, España. 26 de Enero de 2010. Un equipo de investigadores españoles hallaron en la selva guatemalteca un mascarón maya decorado que data entre  los años 300 y 600 después de Cristo.Los  investigadores  informaron  que la pieza permaneció oculta durante siglos bajo la frondosa vegetación de ruinas arqueológicas.

Puede encontrar esta noticia en español en el siguiente link:

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