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Evo Morales is moving forward and we are very happy said Menchú

February 16, 2010

By: Ligia María

Translated from Spanish; original version below.

La Paz, Bolivia. January 23, 2010. Menchú, who is Nobel Peace Prize winner, will take part in a conference of indigenous parliamentarian women of Latin America and Caribbean.

Rigoberta Menchú

Versión original en Español, abajo

Nobel Peace Prize winner in 1992, Guatemalan indigenous Rigoberta Menchú, said today in Bolivia that the president of this country, Evo Morales, began a process where there is no turning back, which benefits indigenous villages.

Menchú arrived on Tuesday night to La Paz in order to take part in a conference of indigenous women parliamentarians of Latin America and Caribbean, and will be present also in acts prepared for the government to celebrate the second investiture of Morales, whom they call: “brother and friend.”

“Evo Morales is our brother president, is our badge; he has generated a new paradigm in  the indigenous´ struggle,  and he has begun this process without turning back, in fact is moving forward and we are very happy,” Menchú said to the media .

One of the motives of her visit to Bolivia is to accompany president Morales in the ethnic ceremony of investiture that will take place this Thursday 21 in the pre-Hispanic town of Tiahuanaco, and to the official act on April 22 in the Legislative assembly plural-national.

Guatemalan Nobel Laureate Menchú stresses the importance to “weave alliances” between indigenous leaders and women in order to get more participation from these sectors.

“We are here expecting that women will get involved, make decisions, and take national positions. It is very important that we accompany each other” she said.

These are important steps given to get feminine participation in politics at regional level, but there are many unresolved tasks in order to get more women in positions of power in the national government, regional government, and municipalities.

At this gathering indigenous women from Bolivia, Venezuela, Perú, Ecuador, and Guatemala assisted in the process.


Spanish version. Versión en Español.


La Paz, Bolivia, 23 de Enero de 2010. La premio Nobel de la Paz de 1992, la indígena guatemalteca Rigoberta Menchú, afirmó hoy en Bolivia que el presidente de este país, Evo Morales, inició un proceso que no tiene retroceso en beneficio de los pueblos indígenas, al participar en una conferencia de indígenas parlamentarias de América Latina y el Caribe.

Puede encontrar esta noticia en español  el siguiente link:

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