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Guatemalan Indigenous manifestation is dissolved for Police

February 16, 2010

By: Ligia María

Translated from Spanish; original version below.

Versión original en Epañol, abajo

Guatemala January 14th .After two days protesting, Guatemalan indigenous were intimidated with tears gas and gas with peppermint to prevent President Alvaro Colom annual government report interruption.

Guatemalan police threw tear gas and gas with peppermint to hundred of indigenous protestants in order to prohibit them getting closer to the Legislative Palace, where President Alvaro Colom was giving his annual government report.

Children, women and men went away because of the action of anti-riot police, members of national civil police, whom were armed to  throw tear gas and gas with peppermint, said journalists of the AFP.

Sub-director of Police, Rember Larios, said  that none of the protestants were arrested and, anti-riot  police acted like that because country persons and indigenous were trying to get past the security barrier, placed 100 meters away from Legislative Palace, in the heart of Guatemala city.

The protesting group for second day were demanding access to the lands, liberation of communal leaders, stopping of mining industry activities, cancellation of 80 capture orders against their leaders and validity of 30 popular consults ejecting mining industry activities.

Country and indigenous organizations have been asking during years to stop giving licenses for mining industry activities, at this moment there are 450 licenses in the whole country.


Spanish version. Versión en Español.


Guatemala 14 de enero de 2010. La policía guatemalteca lanzó bombas lacrimógenas y gas con pimienta para impedir que centenares de indígenas que protestaban se acercaran al Palacio Legislativo, donde el presidente Álvaro Colom rendía un informe sobre su primer año de gobierno.

Puede encontrar esta noticia en español en el siguiente link:

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