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Mayan space occupied for indigenous is reopened

February 16, 2010

By: Ligia María

Translated from Spanish; original version below.

Tegucigalpa, Honduras. January 21, 2010. Authorities in Honduras have opened one of the most important spaces that have many pre-Hispanic civilization vestiges.

Versión original en Español, abajo

Hundred of indigenous were peacefully evacuated after two days blocking the archeological park of Copan, which the government reopened on Saturday. Copan is considerate the most important space that conserves vestiges of Mayan civilization in Honduras.

“We made an agreement with the indigenous so they can return to their homes” said Ricardo Martinez, minister of Tourism.

He said that the protestors left on Friday night after both parties agreed that on April 15 the government will start negotiations to solve the problems that originated the protest.

Indigenous Chortí are asking the government for 14,700 hectares for farming and cultivation in the province of Copan and Ocotepeque, at the west edge of Honduras on the Guatemalan border. In the last 12 years they have received only 33 per cent of the land they are asking for.

“We hope the government fulfills what it has offered” said Cristobal Pineda, spokesman of Maya Chortí National Advise. “Otherwise, we are prepared to act; we won’t let them fool us any more”.

Since 1995 the government has signed many agreements with the Chortí. Last one was on May 2008, at that time it promised to pay them one million dollars in order to get lands, but they have received only 800 thousand dollars.

At least 400 tourists from United States and Europe are visiting daily this archeological site of Copan; they pay 15 dollars to enter.

There are seven indigenous pueblos in Copan spread across 100 communities with a population of 400,000.

The Maya Empire spanned Mexico, Belice, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras. Its maximum point of development was between the year 250 and 900 AD.

The Maya town of Copan was discovered by Spanish Diego Garcia Palacio on 1576.

The Maya made huge advances in mathematics and astronomy; they built about 116 metropolises and also developed a sophisticated writing system. They had knowledge about zero and used a base-twenty mathematical system.


Spanish version. Versión en Español.


Tegucigalpa, Honduras, 21 de Enero del 2010. Tras desalojar pacíficamente a centenares de indígenas que bloquearon dos días el parque arqueológico de Copán, el gobierno reabrió el sábado ese sitio que es considerado el más importante de Honduras que conserva vestigios de la civilización maya.

Puede encontrar esta noticia en español en el siguiente link:

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