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Peasant ask for Productive Projects

March 25, 2010

By: Ligia María

Translated from Spanish; original version below.

Manifestantes ante el Congreso de la República, 14 de enero 2009

Versión original en Español, abajo

Guatemala February 2nd ,2010.More than 90  indigenous leaders and peasant representing 10 communities quiches, Mames, Kaqchiqueles, Tzutuhiles, Ixiles, Pocomamaes and Poconchíes, and others, that  make up The Alliance of Indigenous communities and Peasant of Guatemala (ACICG). This alliance have exposed the situation of poverty and extreme poverty that exist in the rural area, and demanded support with productive projects, credits, fertilizers and seeds of basic grains.

The leaders representing that organization have at least 32,000 families, and they organized a two day workshop “Finding our parent’s trace” in order to get the attention from government authorities in topics like nutritional and dietary security.

In order to get help from the authorities, it is necessary that the Congress of the Republic approve urgently the law of the National System of Rural Developing, the reforms to the law of Land and the Fiscal reform.

Benedicto Coc, coordinator of the Peasant Alliance said that they are going to defend their proposals in the dialogue convoked for the Executive System. The requests of the indigenous and peasant organizations are legitimates, necessary and urgently, in order to get out of the poverty, misery and marginalization that historically they have been subjugate too.

Benedicto Coc, also said that “the government of Alvaro Colom has given minimal solutions in comparison with the agreement he signed with the indigenous and peasant organizations”. Without doubts the requests of the indigenous and peasants are fair and they are an undeniable reality.


Spanish Version. Versión en Español.


Más de 90 líderes indígenas y campesinos que representan a 10 comunidades quichés, mames, kaqchiqueles, tzutuhiles, ixiles, pocomames y poconchíes, entre otras, que conforman la Alianza de Comunidades Indígenas y Campesinas de Guatemala (ACICG) expusieron la situación de pobreza y pobreza extrema que viven en el área rural y exigieron apoyo con proyectos productivos, créditos para arrendamiento de tierras, fertilizantes y semillas de granos básicos.

Puede encontrar esta noticia completa en español en el siguiente link:

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