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International Day of the Indigenous Pueblos

September 23, 2010

By: Ligia María

August 9, 2010. Rural organizations in Guatemala today commemorate the International Day of the Indigenous Pueblos.  These organizations maintain that despite President Alvaro Colom’s claim that his government has “an indigenous face,” there have been few, if any, advances in human rights initiatives for the   indigenous communities.

Translated from Spanish; original version below.

Versión original en Español, abajo

Indigenous leaders say that Mayan pueblos and communities are abandoned; roads have deteriorated; schools are neglected; the ratio of teachers to students remains untenable; water is unavailable; and destruction caused by hurricane Agatha has not been addressed.

Juan Tiney, representing the National Indigenous and Rural Committee (CONIC), states  that: “In spite of the laws, this government does not want to support the indigenous communities because this represents a threat for the businessman. In the meantime, the indigenous pueblos are starving to death, discriminated against and incriminated for defending their lands.”

Otila Lux, Member of Parliament, serves on the Commission of Indigenous Pueblos of the Congress of the Republic.  She states that: “The living [conditions] for the indigenous pueblos in this country are [catastrophic].”

Ricardo Cajas, representing the Committee of Mayan Organizations in Guatemala (COMG) believes that, “…there is no progress because the nation of Guatemala is not interested in moving beyond  its colonialist, liberal, or neoliberal policies, blocking the exercise of collective rights, not only for the indigenous pueblos, but for the entire population.”

The indigenous organizations concluded by declaring that this government has done little for either the Mayan population or any other.  It is not a social democracy.

Spanish Version. Versión en Español.

Día Internacional de los Pueblos Indígenas

Guatemala, 9 de Agosto de 2010. Hoy, en celebración del Día Internacional de los Pueblos Indígenas, organizaciones campesinas manifestaron que hasta el momento no hay avance en aprobación de leyes a favor de las comunidades indígenas, a pesar que el presidente Álvaro Colom se autonombró gobierno con rostro indígena.

Puede encontrar esta noticia en español en el siguiente link:

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